Rent Collection Policy

Full Rent Collection Policy | April 2015 Lease Amendment Notice

  1. Rent is due and payable on the 1st day of the month.
  2. Rent is delinquent after the 10th calendar day of the month.
  3. Late charges for delinquent rent payments are as follows:
    1. Failure to pay on or before the 10th calendar day of the month shall result in the assessment of a $30.00 late charge.
    2. Failure to pay on or before the 15th calendar day of the month shall result in the assessment of a $35.00 late charge.
    3. Failure to pay on or before the 20th calendar day of the month shall result in the assessment of a $40.00 late charge.
    4. Failure to pay on or before the 25th calendar day of the month shall result in the assessment of a $45.00 late charge.
  4. Residents who do not pay their rent in full by the 10th calendar day of the month shall receive a written notice from the Morristown Housing Authority (hereinafter “Authority”), indicating that the Authority intends to terminate the lease agreement in 14 days if the rent is not paid in full, including late charges.
  5. The above 14 day notice shall provide the Resident with the full 14 days to pay the rent and late charges before court action is initiated.
  6. The 14 day notice shall advise the Resident of his/her right to make some reply as he/she may wish and of his/her right to request a hearing in accordance with the Authority’s Grievance Procedure.
  7. If the Resident has not paid the rent in full, plus late charges, at the end of the 14 day period, the case will be turned over to the Authority’s attorney for filing a complaint with the Morris County District Court, requesting a Judgment for Possession. At that time, legal fees and court filing costs shall be posted to the Resident’s account. A notice will be delivered to the Resident informing his/her that such action has been taken.
  8. If a Judgment for Possession is granted by the District Court, a Warrant for Removal will be obtained, served upon the Resident by the Constable, and upon the day designated, the Resident will be removed from the unit. The Resident shall be given 10 days in which to remove all personal belongings from the unit. The Resident must make arrangements with the Authority to gain access to the unit for such removal.
  9. A Resident that is late in paying their rent three (3) or more times in one calendar year shall be deemed “habitually delinquent,” and shall be subject to immediate eviction proceedings.
  10. No partial payments will be accepted towards rent. No payment will be accepted unless all outstanding charges and balances are included in the payment.
  11. No two-party personal checks will be accepted.
  12. There will be a $20.00 return check fee plus any applicable late fees imposed on the Resident’s account for checks returned for insufficient funds.
  13. If a personal check for rent is returned for insufficient funds, no further personal checks will be accepted from that Resident. Payment thereafter must be made by money order.
  14. The Authority shall make all reasonable efforts to collect Resident’s accounts receivable, which shall include rent owed, late charges, court costs, attorney fees, unit damages, etc. The Authority shall obtain, prior to the Resident moving out, a written agreement setting forth the terms of payment. If such an agreement cannot be obtained, or if the former Resident defaults on the agreement, the Authority will file a claim in Small Claims Court. Wherever possible and necessary, attempts will be made to garnish the former Resident’s salary. If all reasonable efforts by the Authority to collect accounts receivable are unsuccessful, the case will be referred to a collection agency.
  15. When vacated Residents’ accounts have not been collected after all reasonable efforts have been made, the Board of Commissioners, based on the recommendations of the Executive Director, will charge off such amounts as collection losses. Such write-offs shall be considered at least annually by the Board of Commissioners.