Rules & Regulations for Tenancy

This page contains information about the Rules and Regulations that are applicable to your tenancy. Please review the information contained herein thoroughly.

  1. All rents are due and payable on the 1st business day of each month. If a resident fails  to pay said rent on or before the 10th calendar day, they will be charged a LATE CHARGE of $30.00, which is due and payable with the rent.If the rent is not paid by the 10thcalendar day, a written fourteen (14) day notice of lease termination for non-payment of rent will be sent. Should the rent remain unpaid within this fourteen (14) day period, court action will be instituted and residents will be charged all costs incurred in the dispossess proceedings. Residents receiving three (3) court notices during a calendar year will be subject to eviction.
  2. Residents who violate any of the covenants of the lease and cause unnecessary noise, disturbances, or create any violence or act in a disorderly manner, such as fighting, being under the influence of liquor or when a disturbance has caused the occupant to be arrested by the police or fined or given a jail sentence, will be considered an undesirable and subject to eviction.
  3. It is expected that when entertaining guests, all residents will entertain to a normal hour and be considerate of his/her neighbors when playing radios, televisions, or stereos by turning down the volume on same after 10:00 p.m.
  4. No one is permitted to reside in the apartment except those listed on the lease. Guests are permitted to stay two (2) days without permission. Any longer period must be requested in advance and in writing to the Housing Authority for approval.
  5. Parking spaces for cars are provided for residents only. All cars must be registered. If cars are not in working condition, they will be removed at resident’s expense.
  6. Repairs and replacements to the property and equipment will be made without charge through normal wear and tear. Damages caused by the carelessness of any family member or guest(s) must be paid for by the resident. A scheduled list of charges is posted in the Administrative Office of the Housing Authority. When in need of a Work Order, you must call 973-267-4699. No work is permitted without the written Work Order unless it is an emergency. A Work Order number will be given upon request of the resident. Where there is a charge for a Work Order, it will be entered on the resident’s account and must be paid within sixty (60) days of the notice of charge.
  7. Garbage must be wrapped properly and disposed of in the proper collection areas.
  8. Residents are not allowed to install their own locks on apartment doors, bedroom doors, or closets.
  9. No wall coverings such as wallpaper, Sanitas, decals, etc. are permitted.
  10. The Housing Authority provides a free pest control service. At least once each month, and more frequently if needed, the exterminator will perform this service on all apartments and will be accompanied by a member of the Housing Authority staff All residents must allow this service to be performed and there will be no exceptions to this rule.
  11. The Housing Authority reserves the right to enter all apartments without notice in the case of an emergency. All other entries shall be made upon reasonable advanced notification to the resident, and made during business hours for the purpose of performing routine inspections and maintenance and for making improvements and repairs.
  12. Housing inspections will be made once a year to check out the unit’s physical condition and resident’s housekeeping habits.
  13. Annually (once every 12 months) the household will be recertified for the purpose of rent adjustment.
  14. Residents must immediately report any changes in income or family composition to the Housing Authority.
  15. Painting of family units is done on a five (5) year schedule with the Housing Authority providing the paint at no cost to the resident. However, the painting is the responsibility of the resident. The resident may paint in between the five (5) year cycle. However, colors are not permitted. All apartments are painted in “Antique White” and must remain so during tenancy.
  16. Installation of air conditioners, freezers, washing machines, dryers, etc., is not allowed without prior approval of the Housing Authority. Excess utility charges are to be paid by the resident for use of these items.
  17. The Housing Authority does not permit individual outdoor antennas. Where provided, there is a master antenna that can be used for a minimal charge per year.
  18. No signs are allowed anywhere on the property or in the windows.
  19. There are Community Rooms available for use by all senior residents. For personal use, advance reservations of at least one (1) week must be made with the Housing Authority. Residents are responsible to clean up the areas after use.
  20. Laundry rooms equipped with washers and dryers are available for use by residents only. Residents are responsible for cleaning the machines after each use and keeping the laundry area tidy.
  21. Residents must register oxygen or other compressed gas tanks or containers. Registration consists of the following:
  • Presentation of a certification by a health care practitioner licensed by the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners that there exists a medical need for the use of such compressed gas. Such certification shall be on the letterhead or other stationary of the health care practitioner, shall recite such practitioner’s license number, shall be addressed to the Morristown Housing Authority, shall reference an individual who is a Lessee of the Housing Authority pursuant to HUD regulations, and shall state the maximum amount of compressed gas necessary to be stored on Housing Authority premises.
  • Presentation of the name, address, and emergency telephone number of the supplier of the compressed gas to the Housing Authority, at its business office located at 31 Early Street, Morristown, NJ 07960, during normal business hours. The Housing Authority shall log the same in a register maintained for such purpose and return a receipted copy of the certificate with the apartment location of and maximum amount of compressed gas to be stored.

The Housing Authority shall provide all information regarding registration of compressed gas forthwith to the Morristown Fire Department and shall, at all times, cooperate with said Department regarding requests for information, inspections, drills, and in all other lawful activities.

Every resident, visitors, and other occupant (temporary or permanent) shall have a continuing obligation to register any oxygen or other compressed gas forthwith to the Housing Authority.

The Executive Director of the Housing Authority is empowered to institute internal procedures necessary to enforce this regulation.